Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Monday night my beloved Kentucky Wildcats accomplished something that no other college basketball program ever has, cementing our claim of being 'home of the greatest tradition' of any NCAA program. The Cats claimed their 2000th win in front of 24+thousand fans, and thousands more watching the game live on ESPNU.
I fell into neither of these 2 groups. I took it for granted that I would be able to watch the game online (since we don't have ESPNU), and so I didn't make alternate plans. Instead I had to listen to the audio commentary of the Big Blue sports network online, and missed all the hubub and celebration after-party. Nevertheless, it was a huge night for Kentucky basketball and I am so proud right now to be a wildcat.

This win put Kentucky at 12-0 for the season. I read a great quote the other day leading up to the historic 2000thwin that sums it up best: “Anytime Kentucky can beat North Carolina, if they can beat them to the bathroom, it’s a big deal. Our fans feel like if we do it first, we’ve earned the respect.”
Brian accuses me of shutting everything else out when a game is on, and asks if I'm going to be like this for long. We're ranked number 3 in the country right now, so what do you think??

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