Friday, December 04, 2009

Remembering my mantra

Take a deep breath. Yes, it's December, and yes we're officially in the crazy holiday rush, but that doesn't mean we have to be one big ball of stress until New Year's. Oh, are there other people reading this blog too? I thought I was just chanting this mantra to myself!

Truth be told, I am 100% guilty of getting caught up in the "holidays" and letting all the little projects like decorating and baking and wrapping presents, and errands, on top of my usual busy-ness, really get to me. Yesterday I was wound so tight that I skipped my run with Kim and Jess and took a relaxing trip to Walmart by myself. Yes that's right, I reveled in my solo trip to the store, got what I needed, and left Walmart feeling more relaxed than I was before I went in. Has that ever happened before in mankind?!

Anyways, I haven't blogged since Thanksgiving, hence another reason I am stressed out. Writing relaxes me, so even though there's nothing new to report here- except that "brrr, it's cold in here!" but I figured an update was overdue for my loyal readers.

The Christmas cards will get mailed. The house will get clean. But in the meantime I'm taking a big breath, and crossing one thing off my list at a time. Jesus is what's important. Not just during the Christmas season, but every day, and every day if I can keep my focus on him, then everything else will fall into place.

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MamaB said...

Yes, every year I try my best to get things done so I can truly enjoy the season for what it really is---but I never seem to get it done and then end up being stressed out and wanting it over. THAT isn't what is supposed to happen and this year i am going to try even harder to enjoy it.