Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Meet Chandler

Please allow me to introduce you to our newest family member, Chandler Bing Vilendrer!
Chandler (formerly Horace) is a 33 pound, 5 month old male retriever/labrador mix. I call him a mutt. He has light green eyes, and so far has been a welcome addition to our family.
Brian brought him home yesterday afternoon, and thankfully the weather here was mild enough that we could all play in the backyard together before bringing Chandler inside. Check out all that luscious green grass in our backyard, too!
He's already playing fetch. Bradley likes giving him treats, which he gets every time he goes potty outside. So far we've had one slip up in the house, with more to come I'm sure. Thank goodness for hardwood and tile floors!
So why the name Chandler? Or rather, why not keep the name Horace? Well, while Horace is certainly a unique name, H sounds are hard for little kids to make. Also, there's no way to shorten Horace without it becoming Hor, or sounding like Horse. So we chose a character name from the tv show FRIENDS that is very near and dear to us, and there you have it!
Yep, he's already made himself at home!

And this morning, I realized just how quickly Bradley and Chandler could become partners in crime. I walked out of the room to go to the bathroom, and upon entering back into the living room, I found Bradley in the cabinet where we keep all the candles, with candles spread out all over the floor around him, and Chandler up on the couch with a tasty candle he was demolishing with his teeth. Oh well. I needed a reason to learn how to use all my vacuum cleaner attachments anyways.


Kim and Josh said...

He's SO cute, Amanda! We have a lab/beagle mix from the pound (I call her a mutt too) and I think it's true what they say that pound puppies are the sweetest, gentlest dogs. I hope you find him to be the same way... great for a family. Enjoy him... even the annoying puppy accidents! :)

MamaB said...

Partners in crime--I like that picture. A candle won't be the "last" thing he decides to chew up!! LOL. Can't wait to meet Chandler Bing in person.

-Beth- said...

1. Love that his middle name in Bing.
2. Maybe you will have a phone call saying, "Chandler... Vilendrer" ;)