Saturday, December 12, 2009

18 month stats

This past Tuesday Bradley went for his 18 month checkup. Crazy how time flies. Crazy how I still say "I have an 18 month old," rather than "I have a year-and-a-half year old." Crazy how I swore I would never count my child's age in months after he hit one year! Anyways, Bradley's 18 month stats are as follows:
  • Bradley is "perfect" according to Dr. Bryan, his pediatrician
  • Weighing in at 25 pounds and 6 ounces, he's in the 44% for his weight
  • 31 3/4 inches long puts Bradley at around the 30% percentile for his height. Yep, we knew he was short for his age!
  • Iron levels are back up to the normal range. 10.5-11 is normal for kids his age- this summer Bradley hovered around 10.2, and now it's up to a 10.9! Yay!
  • Bradley has 14 teeth, with his top 2 incissors having just come in, and not counting the bottom 2 about to break through.
  • He is obsessed with throwing objects into bigger objects, or emptying containers.
  • He's also way into climbing into things- like his bottom dresser drawer, the laundry basket, or his book containers.
  • Can now throw and catch a ball
This is Bradley and I on St. Nick's Day, the day before his official 18 month birthday.

I haven't blogged much about Bradley's speech development, but it's begun to take off finally. For a while it was just dada and mama, then hot. Now he says about 10 words clearly. It's exciting to be able to understand what he's saying, and such an amazing thing to be able to watch him connect what he sees with the word for it. Airplane, or plane, is the best example. Planes fly over our house all the time, and whenever Bradley hears one he looks up to the sky and points as he says plane- even if we're inside the house and he can't see the airplane. Since I'm behind on Bradley's scrapbook, here's a list of the words he is currently saying:
  • dada
  • mama
  • hot
  • hat
  • no
  • cat
  • car
  • hi
  • bye
  • plane
  • uh-uh
  • uh-huh
  • pretty

I'm not sure which words I am missing at the moment, but it's late and I'm itching to go watch an episode or two of Glee online that I've missed in the past few weeks, so that'll have to do for the moment!

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