Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks Given

We spent Thanksgiving in Tennessee this year.  In fact, we're still here as I write this blog!  We got up here Wednesday night after I got up that morning and ran a 5K on base with Jess and Kim, with each of us pushing our kids in strollers.  This was my 2nd ever 5K, and I finished in 34:57, having to stop and walk a few times to catch my breath.  Pushing a kid in a stroller while running sure isn't easy.  My last 5K I also ran in 34 minutes, so given the fact that I had Bradley with me this time, I was pleased with my results.  Running that race Wednesday morning and getting up and running at the park with Brian on Thanksgiving morning gave me the liberty to eat as much as I wanted yesterday, treating myself to extra rolls and scooped out potatoes!  
Here's me & Bradley, Kim, Catalina, & Andrew, and Jess & Wesley
Yes, I know it's wrong to do this to the cute little Publix man & woman pilgrim salt & pepper shakers, but it's become a family tradition to place the couple in a compromising position when no one else is looking!

Our family friend Tommy (and particular good friend of Conley's) had Thanksgiving dinner with us, and then of course it was mom & dad, George & Laura, and me, Brian, and Bradley.  Besides the traditional meal, we had pumpkin pie, carrot cake, and a homemade chocolate truffle cake for desserts!  Here's all of us, minus me, the photographer, gathered around the table about to eat.
After the big meal everyone crashed except for George, mom and Bradley.  Some crashed sooner than other though, and pictures were taken.  Bradley didn't understand why Grandpa wouldn't play with him!
We lounged around the house the rest of the day watching football (Go Packers!), and Christmas movies on tv, and then played a game of Scattergories after B went to bed.  This morning Laura and I went to Walmart and Kohl's to get a few deals on Christmas presents, and given all the hype about the Black Friday crazies, we really didn't think the crowds were that bad.  Tonight Brian and I are meeting up with Emily, Rhonda & Joe for dinner at the new Chuy's in Cool Springs.  I am all geared up for Mexican, so I hope the wait isn't too outrageous.

I am so thankful to be here with my family, and share in the holiday, and yummy food with them!

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