Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today I To-Did

Yes, it is I, your faithful DIVA, up late working for you, the reader. I'm working to make your reading experience of this blog a more pleasant one. I've tweaked, and shuffled, and added new features. Thanks to Rachel, I've discovered a new site with super cute backgrounds, and wanted to use them all, but finally settled on this one, aptly called "your highness." I thought it was suitable for a DIVA's page.

Yesterday I was a hot mess. Today, I am superwoman. Here are all the things I accomplished today:

Friday's To-Do List
  1. watered my hanging baskets (twice)
  2. emptied the trash cans and took out the garbage
  3. washed a sink full of dishes
  4. loaded/ran the dishwasher and put those away
  5. 2 loads of laundry; washed, dried, and put away
  6. put the finishing touches on Brian's care package and mailed it at the post office
  7. went to walmart (what day is complete without this?!)
  8. shopped at the commissary on base for non-perishable groceries
  9. called insurance to make sure everything was set for Bradley's dr. apt.
  10. cooked and ate a fabulous Mexican meal for dinner
  11. talked to a former coworker for 25 minutes today
  12. talked to Conley for 2 hours tonight
  13. picked up Bradley's refill prescription of iron drops
  14. updated the blog
  15. watched the Titans lose their preseason game

WHEW!!! This was one productive day (and this doesn't even count all the time spent on email and Facebook and playing with Bradley!), and I am darn proud of all that I accomplished. Bring on the Beach tomorrow, baby!

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