Sunday, August 23, 2009

Prayer Request

As the new week begins, I have something weighing very heavily on me, and could really use some prayers. Wednesday afternoon I have to take Bradley to see a pediatric hematologist (a blood specialist) to confirm his pediatrician's diagnosis of a genetic blood disorder called thalassemia. I had never even heard of this disease before a few weeks ago, but after Bradley tested positive for anemia, both before and after we'd had him on iron drops daily for 6 weeks, the doctor called with this diagnosis and referred him to a specialist. Hopefully this all sounds worse than it actually is, because Bradley's pediatrician had reason to believe this was a mild case that would likely never affect his life, and would require no further treatment, except that he will be anemic his whole life. Of course I have been doing my research online, and when you read about worst-case scenarios including blood transfusions and bone marrow transplants it's scary.

I realize that as a mom there was absolutely nothing I could have done to prevent Bradley from getting this, it's just the way the genes ended up, and so now I am focused on getting educated and learning what I need to do to keep Bradley as healthy and normal as possible. Our appointment is on Wednesday at 1:30pm so if you could lift us up at that time, that would be wonderful. Pray not only for a good diagnosis, but pray that I would stay calm (I tend to majorly stress out and get flustered in these types of situations), and that I would be able to comprehend all that the doctor has to tell us. Ann is going with us too, to give us an extra set of ears, and to help with Bradley so that is already a huge blessing. The other cool thing is that I researched both hematologists we could have been sent to, and the one we are seeing did his med school at the University of Kentucky. I made the appointment with him to give us a common bond right off the bat, and it helped ease my fears just going into the appointment with that knowledge.

I appreciate your prayers so much. Lord willing, this will be something minor, and nothing to worry about. I know other parents are not always so lucky, having children with severe illnesses, and so I already feel blessed right off the bat.


Kaylee Grace Naron said...

I'll most definatly keep you guys in my prayers! I know how you feel with my girl having been a preemie, we went to hundreds of specialists and appointments for tests to confirm or deny disorders or problems. It can be nerve racking and super scary for moms. but we always had faith and in the end God never gave us anything we couldn't handle. all our appointments were with UK specialists and they were great, so maybe that will put you a little more at ease too. good luck and we'll be thinking about you


Natrudy said...

Thank you for letting us know about this Amanda. I will definitely be praying!

Erin said...

I will definitely pray for you and for Bradley tomorrow. I know this is huge. I was just told last week that Elijah Brooks is also slightly anemic and we have had to start him on iron drops every day for the next 6 weeks and then re-rest him. I can definitely understand your fears and concerns. We will certainly pray! Please let me know how things go.