Sunday, August 02, 2009

a pin eons

First off, happy birthday to 2 very special ladies, and former SOGWEAW members- Ari is 28 today, and Emilio is 27 tomorrow! Love you, ladies!

Secondly, it appears that my son was born with an opinion, like everyone else, and he has just begun to make those opinions known. It's funny to watch this process unfold, as frustrating as it might be at times. Case in point. Bradley always has a banana for breakfast. He's been eating a banana for months now without fail, only recently it has come to my attention that if there is any other food on the breakfast table, the banana bits get thrown to the floor. So I have to compromise and give him half of a banana, and when that's all gone, then I can pull out the cereals, the muffins, the whole grain waffles, and give him that. But once the carbs have entered the scene, the uneaten fruit becomes a distant second, squashed on my hardwood floors.

Bradley also has opinions on books. We read every night before bed, first thing in the mornings most days, and occasionally at other points in the day. Most of the time he turns the pages willingly of whatever book I choose. But today we played a fun new game. I sat on the floor of his room, and Bradley crawled to his basket of books on the floor and chose a book for me to read. He crawled back to me, book in hand, and I sat him on my lap and read the book. When I was done, I sat the book aside, creating a stack of "read books" intending that he go and get a new one. But all of a sudden, he is obsessed with his ladybug book! I read it, and put it down, and he picked it back up. After reading it 3 times this afternoon, and 3 times tonight, and him getting pissed when I refused to read it once more (3 is my threshhold) I smiled when I realized my little boy has favorites, and he's showing me in the only way he knows how, what he likes and what he doesn't like. Luckily, I like the ladybug book too... for now!


DaddyB said...

That's too funny. If he's getting that strong willed at one... just wait till two!

Brian Vilendrer said...

he is cute isn't he!