Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Supper

As of one week ago, I relinqished my title of the milk cow, and am still a little sad about it. When I began the nursing process I wasn't sure how it would go, but I knew I had a goal of making it to the one year mark, and beyond if possible. Fortunately for me, breastfeeding was a positive experience, and I had virtually no trouble with it. We began the weaning process around 11 months, and now at 14 months Bradley is officially weaned.

On the night I decided it was time to try to cut out the last nighttime feeding, I read Bradley his stories as usual and turned out the light. Instead of singing to him as I nursed however, I rocked him in my arms and then put him down in his crib. He didn't appear frustrated at the lack of his usual night-cap, so it became apparent to me that Bradley was fine with this transition. I however was experiencing all kinds of emotions! I was sad that my little boy was growing up, and mourning the loss of what had been a big part of motherhood for me. No longer was I soley responsible for feeding him, and he would never be dependent on me in the same way.

As I was thinking about all these things, while stroking Bradley's head wistfully, my sweet little man looked up at me from his crib and farted! It was just what I needed to lighten the mood! Immediately I started to laugh, and so did he, pacifier in mouth. Yes, I decided, things were changing, but I would make it through this transition just fine. Still smiling, I closed the door to Bradley's room, and also to a chapter in our lives.


Keri said...

that was hilarious! But that is also very awesome! Good for you and Bradley :)

Katie said...

hehehehe Oh my gosh. Just like a boy!

MamaB said...

I know that is a tough thing for you to do but the bonding you two did will be something you remember and always cherish. I'm glad to see Little B had a good sense of humor--just like a Bradley to make someone laugh at a sad time!!!