Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good news

Thanks to all the prayers that were said for me, Bradley, and everything surrounding our doctor's appointment this week. The hematologist called me yesterday with the outstanding news that Bradley's labwork came back totally normal. After hearing this news and emailing my pediatrician, Bradley is in the clear. No more doctor's appointments, and no more iron drops! I must have breathed the biggest sigh of relief ever yesterday after hearing that news. Thank you Jesus for protecting my little boy and keeping him healthy. And thank you to everyone who prayed with the faith that I could not muster.

I honestly thought the doctor would tell me Bradley had a mild condition, so that was the focus of my best-case-prayer scenario. But luckily God is bigger than my limited faith and he gave us a great diagnosis. As Lisa Thompson's mom would text, PTL!

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Brian Vilendrer said...

I am very glad he is ok and "normal". I miss you both.

-your hot hubby!!!