Monday, August 03, 2009

Fodder? I don't have to tell you the rest!

I knew that Ari's mom was coming to visit her today, so I had a brilliant idea for a funny while I was getting ready today. I called up Ari... ring ring ring
Hello, says Ari.
Hey, I say, I was just calling to see if Joe was there yet.
Joe?, she replies inquisitively. Joe who?
Joe MOMMA!!! I exclaim as I burst into laughter!
It was the perfect set-up. I couldn't believe she fell for it. Later in the conversation she was saying something about chameleons on her back porch. I interrupted her.
Are they Karma ones?
What? She asked.
Are they karma chameleons? I pursued.
You really need to get a hobby, she replied.
But I know deep down she really loves me and my horrible jokes.
I'm blogging about this, I say to her. This stuff will make for some great blog fodder, and I don't even know-er.
Yes, I add the punchline to my own joke. Ari is long since tired of that joke, which makes it all the more funny to me. I sincerely hope the rest of you are rolling your eyes too. And your ease, except after seize.


Rhonda said...

this is why i love you :)

emmysue said...

LOVE it...and you!

MamaB said...

You are killing me smalls. Your sense of humor makes me laugh and smile even long distance!!

Brian Vilendrer said...

ha that is funny, I laughed at that. love you!