Thursday, August 13, 2009

the 2/3 DIVA convention

Ari, one of my best friends in the whole world, and fellow DIVA, came to visit me and Little B last weekend. We didn't do much, but the kind of friends where you can just sit around and talk are the best kinds of friends I think.

Saturday night, the day aunt Ari arrived, we went over to Wes & Jess' next door to hang out with a bunch of people after Bradley had gone to bed. Ari got to meet all the people we usually run around with, and confused everyone there when she announced that Bradley (meaning me) had cooked the most amazing dinner that night!
DIVAS reunited!! (it had been way too long)
The next day we went to church, watched Pineapple Express (my current favorite movie, available any time for me on Demand) and laughed a ton. After B got up from his nap we ventured into Pensacola and found this store in the mall:
As Ari commented on Facebook, the store was a little ghetto-fab, but still blog-worthy nonetheless. Our mission that day was to find Bradley some Big Boy shoes now that he's walking. That was our mission, and we chose to accept it. And the mission was accomplished. I posted a hilarious video on my YouTube channel with B trying to figure out what the heck is on his feet (his new sandals). He isn't too sure about them at this point!
Monday, Ari babysat for me while I went to my yearly doctor's appointment, and then when I got home we discovered this amazing Mexican restaurant in Navvare called the Cactus Flower Cafe. I for sure had a food-gasm that day. We tried to take B to the butterfly house and/or water park after lunch but they were both closed that day, so we headed back to the house to chill for a while, while B took his nap. I made us some sangria slushies and we sat out back on the patio and sipped on those. They were quite refreshing!
Later that day, Ari, my non-beach-loving friend decided that we could drive to the beach a take a walk as it was later in the day, and hopefully the sun wouldn't be as brutal. Wrong! It was miserably hot, and the delightfully warm water was just a tease to me as I could only dip my toes in. I pulled out my 6-way infant carrier that I haven't used with Bradley in forever, and we attempted to hook it up so I could carry Bradley on my back. This was a picture of us laughing hysterically while trying to adjust it, and Bradley was looking at us bewildered of what was so funny, which only made us laugh harder.

Eventually, we scrapped the carrier idea and just traded off carrying the chunky monkey on the beach walk. That evening we sat outside drinking and talking, and solving the universe as only good friends can. I was sad to see Ari leave the next morning, but so thankful we live within driving distance. And now we get to look forward to the end of September when we will have a 3/3 DIVA convention, the first time all 3 of us have been together since Bradley was born in June of 08. I can't count the days fast enough.

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