Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Musings on Michael & McNair

I'm currently following the twitter updates from the Tennessean on the latest news conference on the death of former TN Titan Steve McNair.

It's such a shame such a great player had to die so tragically. Of course he will be remembered for his contributions on the field, and generosity to charities, but though he lead the Titans on the field for years, he was still just a man, just as infallible as the rest of us. Now in his death the public sees another side, an uglier side, of our once-valiant quarterback. All of Nashville is in a tizzy over what police are now ruling a murder-suicide, and it just makes me sad for the McNair family.

What is in the water lately that there have been so many celebrity deaths? First Ed McMahon, who got zero coverage, then Farrah Fawcett, followed so closely by Michael Jackson that she got no recognition either. After MJ was Billy Mays, and now most recently Steve McNair. I watched most of the Michael Jackson memorial on tv yesterday, catching it by chance by turning on Headline News to see what was going on in the world. Apparently nothing else was going on in the world, because not only was HN showing the service, but also CNN, and our local channels as well.

I grew up in the 80s, the era of MTV and the music video. I can remember watching Michael Jackson videos- in particular I remember loving "Beat It" and also "Smooth Criminal." If you would have asked me before his death, was I an MJ fan, I would have said sure, but now that the king of pop is gone, I became one of the many who bought their very first Michael Jackson cd. I don't consider it jumping on the bandwagon. Jackson's death merely brought to mind numerous past hits that I used to listen to on vinyl growing up, and recalling other songs that I had forgotten about completely. For all his shady past, the man is still a musical genius and icon, and I can appreciate what MJ did for music without condoning his character as a person.

I feel the same way for Steve McNair. People are not perfect, and while controversy may be a part of a person's past, their legend should be bestowed on them for what they contributed positively to society. I would like to think the same could and should be done for any of us when our time comes to leave this earth.

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