Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I do not like it, Fantastic Sam

Are you all happy? The baby mullet (or British Emo Band hairstyle, as Laura referred to it) is now gone.

I am not happy! I took Bradley to get his first official haircut today, and now his long locks are gone, he is no longer a baby, and so begins the cycle of kiddie haircuts. Wednesday is "kids day" at our local Fantastic Sam's so that's where we went. Bradley didn't shed tears, but he wasn't happy per say at the turn of events either. See for yourself in the pictures.

Here's the "before" shot, with his hair all wetted down
Just getting started

Nope, not liking this At ALL

a little better now, and almost done

Glad that's over with!

The official lock of hair and certificate to document the occasion

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