Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fashion rose pas

This morning Bradley and I went to our first ever Spouses gathering for Brian's squadron.  It was an informal coffee at Panera, and it marked the first time I would meet other wives whose husbands are in the same squadron as Brian.  After a year of being here, I figured it was about time I got involved, plus it gave me an excuse to get a cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera!  Nevertheless, I was nervous about going.  Would these ladies be snooty and not welcome me into their group?  Would they frown upon the fact that I brought Bradley with me?  I got up extra early this morning to give me enough time to shower and get ready before Bradley got up, and I decided on a bright red shirt and jeans to wear.

Well now I'm home, and the coffee couldn't have gone better.  I met so many wonderful ladies, and two other moms had brought their little girls with them, so it eased my fear about bringing children to these sorts of events.  I whisked Bradley inside to get him down for a nap since he missed his morning one completely, and I'm feeling pretty chipper, and confident that I could have made some potential new friends.  All of a sudden, I look down at my feet, and in horror, realize that I still have my hot pink flip flops on from this morning, when I slid them on to water our plants out front!  I had meant to change shoes and left the house in rush to make it on time, and forgot to make the switch.  I am mortified, and hoping that no one else noticed my fashion faux pas of a red shirt with pink shoes!  So much for making a first impression, huh?


emmysue said...

I love this...honestly, I bet NO ONE noticed!

Rhonda said...

Were you at the party years ago at Troy's house when I wore one blue flip-flop and one purple one?

I'm with Emily....I bet no one noticed.