Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lexington, spiders, and roses, oh my!

Enough with the drama... what happened, happened, and I'm ready to move on.

I miss Lexington so much, and am glad to have made the trip although it was done and over far too quickly. I tried to purchase beer on our way up that morning at a gas station to bring to the BYOB Keeneland tailgate, and was told, "you're in a dry county, hun, you'll have to go 30 or 40 miles up the road to buy alcohol." Right. Dry counties in Kentucky- I had completely forgotten those existed!

The weather was great for Keeneland. In fact, I got more sun that Saturday in Kentucky than I have the whole time I've been in Florida this year! It happened to be the Delta Zeta Alumni tailgate that day, so I was able to see many of my sorority sisters that I'd lost touch with over the years (besides the occasional Facebook stalking to see what they are up to).

There was even an unexpected guest to our tailgate tent that day... a poor drunk fraternity guy who, no joke, had his name engraved on a brass plate on his belt... R.M. Donahue. (He must be a Farmhouse, one person said) The kid was so hammered he didn't talk, but stumbled around and slumped over on our cooler while several of us tried to find the people he was with, and kept making guesses at his name: "Ryan? Richard? What's your name? Do you have your wallet on you? Where are your friends?" Meanwhile, poor drunk Mr. Donahue had the awful sense enough to try and grope the ladies who were trying to help him before his friends discovered his whereabouts several minutes later.

Brian and I also got to run over to where Katie (of Beth & Katie, aka "the twins") was tailgating and hang out with her for a little bit. She looked fantastic and it was great to see her. Plus that Bourbon slush they had there was delish! Ellen met us inside the gates at Keeneland, and the place was such a madhouse that the three of us kept getting separated, and we spent our whole time at the races fighting crowds. I barely saw a horse, much less saw them race. I placed a bet on 2 races, having no clue about the odds, so I went with the "red horse" and the "pink horse" (naturally) and lost them both.

After enjoying a much too brief visit to Keeneland, it was time to head over to the church for Sarah and Braden's wedding. The bride looked amazing as usual, and the reception was a blast. Anyone who knows Sarah Scott knows that her wedding reception was going to be one big dance party. I didn't get any pictures with Sarah with my camera, but here's a shot at the end of the night with Lana, Rhonda, and the hydrangea!

Where was Bradley during all this you may ask? He spent the day/night with Grandma and Grandpa B in Tennessee. They loved having him there, and from what I understand, he went for a wagon ride, sat outside on the swing, and had a very eventful trip to Target where he racked up some new toys and clothes.

Bradley was an angel on the car ride home. I know these trips are going to be more difficult as he approaches the toddler years, but so far the 7 hour trip has been a breeze.
In other Bradley news, today was a first. He found his way over to the dogfood bowl and helped himself. I caught him mid bite and scraped the brown kibble from his mouth and wiped it out with a washcloth, but the damage had already been done. I guess I should just be glad he's taking the initiative to self-feed!

On the domestic front, I saw and smashed one of the biggest spiders I have ever seen in my backyard yesterday. I'm going to pretend he was living all by his lonesome and there are no more of him in the world. Let's hope. This picture is blurry but I'm grotesquely fascinated with this 8 legged monster. And besides, I'm creeped out by seeing it so you should be too.

And finally, to conclude: something pretty to look at. My pink rose bush is all in bloom again, so I cut some of the flowers and arranged them in bud vases on my dining room table. Even though they are shedding their petals already, they make me happy just looking at them. And this is to make up for the ugly spider picture so you'll keep reading my blog.


Katie said...

It was so good seeing you and Brian! I wish we could have spent more time together, but at least I got to see you!

Gorgeous roses, nasty spider, and perfect, precious baby boy!

Mary Anna said...

I'm oddly sad that you ended that spider's life. He probably wasn't going to harm you---but I bet he was eating things like mosquitos. RIP, little arachnid.

Laura said...


-Beth- said...

aehhh - Ryder's probably eaten a cup full of dog food by now! haha!