Friday, April 10, 2009

Crawly McCrawlerson

Guess what?! The day I never thought would arrive has finally come (insert witty outlandish daydream here)... no, not that! Bradley is finally crawling!! Finally, at age 10 months and 3 days. And since I'm not going to be one of those obnoxious moms on Babycenter who announces to total strangers that her DS/DD is crawling (That's dear son or dear daughter. Get with the lingo), I'm announcing it to YOU! Yes you, friends and family, and silent lurkers alike.

I am one proud mama today. Seriously. Who knew that I would be brimming with pride over my son traversing two feet on his hands and knees? If I am this bubbling with pride over this, just wait until he wins the Heisman trophy!!

1 comment:

Nikki said...

That's so fun! Just wait until he starts walking - you'll be longing for those days of immobility :) Just kidding - it's great! A little crazy at times, but fun none the less. He's getting so big!