Tuesday, April 07, 2009

10 month tidbits

Today Bradley is 10 months old. To celebrate the occasion you can hop over to YouTube and check out the new channel devoted to all things Bradley, complete with a video created today to commemorate his 10 month b-day. Yep, we've gone and created an account to post all his videos. Before you know it, clips of him bouncing and spitting up will be going viral. This is the channel the world has waited for.... or at least our family anyways.

No doctor's appointment this month, so no official measurements, but here are a few 10 month tidbits:
  • Eating 3 meals of solid foods a day (fruits, veggies, & oatmeal) and still nursing
  • Eliminated a nighttime feeding on his own, so he sleeps for 8 hours, eats, then sleeps for another 4
  • Still scooting backwards and getting stuck under furniture constantly
  • Always wants to play standing up, and tries to pull up on everything
  • Still has just the 6 teeth (4 on top, 2 on bottom)
  • LOVES Gerber Puffs to self-feed- I use them as a distraction while I get his real food ready, or in between bites so we get to eat our dinner too. I've heard one mom refer to them as baby crack, and I'd have to agree. Bradley knows what the Puffs can looks like, and lights up and laughs when I ask him if he wants some.

Speaking of the Puffs, I sing "Puff Puff baby" to Bradley to the tune of "Ice Ice Baby," which he loves. That makes me the Puff Mama, and Brian the Puff Daddy, or Diddy for short.


Brian Vilendrer said...

I am glad he is sleeping through the night and playing well. he lights my face up when i get home from work.

-Puff Daddy

Natrudy said...

LOVE the new video. He's such a happy baby!