Monday, March 09, 2009

The worst film of 2008

It is official.  Laura & I watched what must have been the worst film of 2008.  I dare you to find a worse one than Nights in Rodanthe.  Based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, I saw previews for this movie a long time ago and saw Richard Gere and Diane Lane, got all misty-eyed at the preview, and thought, I must see this movie.  Man am I glad I didn't pay money in the theater to see this!!

It was so bad, I hardly know where to begin.  So let's start with the plot.  The book was cheesy and far-fetched to begin with.  It's a far cry from the brilliant romance of the Notebook, and even while reading it I thought it was a waste of my time.  So that should have been enough to keep me away from watching the movie.  But the 2 costars drew me in, which is what I believe the movie producers expected, because nothing else would.  They apparently blew their whole film budget on attracting these 2 stars, and all I can say is Gere and Lane must have been hurting for work.  James Franco plays a small role, and if I were him, I wouldn't even list this film on my resume' lest it get out that I had anything to do with this movie monstrosity.

Significant changes were made in the plot line from the novel to the screen to make the film version work.  They didn't work, however.  One scene was created that wasn't in the novel at all, and it included a ton of "extras."  Laura remarked, "they could have cut this whole scene and used the money they saved from hiring all those extras to make the whole movie better."  I laughed hard, and couldn't agree more.

There is one fake hurricane scene that is so ridiculous it made me chuckle, and this picture was a far cry from being an intentional comedy, yet it succeeded in making Laura & I laugh.  There are several other awkward scenes where you actually feel sorry for the actors saying the lines.  The only gratification in the movie was seeing the ponies (another budget blower, I'm sure), but I won't ruin the significance of them in case you decide to rent Rodanthe on a Friday night when you need a good laugh.   

Even if you are a Nicholas Sparks fan, you will find this movie cheesy, totally unbelievable, and a total waste of your precious time.

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