Saturday, March 28, 2009

things are looking up

Finally, we have some sunshine here after 3 days straight of nasty thunderstorms, and what am I doing? Sitting inside blogging! Typical. I do plan on taking B for a walk once he wakes up from his afternoon nap though, so my fair share of the outdoors is coming.

The ncaa tourney is still going on (I picked 6 out of the 8 teams left correct- how am I doing in the family brackets, mom?) but I am barely paying attention to the games. It's far more exciting to stay caught up on all the news surrounding Kentucky firing 2-year coach Billy Gillispie! In Kentucky a season without a national championship is a failure, and this latest coach just led our team to its second worst season in school history! That doesn't bode well for those in Wildcat country, so see ya later BG!

In Bradley's world, things are looking up... because he's started to pull up on furniture, and us, and anything he can get leverege on to prop his chubby legs to a standing position! He still hasn't mastered the forward motion of crawling so maybe he'll just skip that phase altogether and go to walking, who knows. Here's the little guy standing around on the job:

I did catch him in quite the predicament this week though- Bradley managed to scoot himself backwards on the floor in his room until he was under his crib and stuck! Luckily I snapped pictures and rescued him before he got too far under his bed!

Trying to stand up on his own

Oh, you wanna know how he rolls? That's how.

A big shout out and thanks to Ellen who sent Bradley his first UK baseball cap! Of course it's enormous on him right now but he'll grow into it in no time I'm sure. He wore it while playing in his room this afternoon anyways because he just couldn't wait to wear it! ;o)

Ari, we bought the Battle of the Sexes game yesterday and are returning it today because in short, it sucked, but playing it last night did make me laugh and think about Claude naming Old spice as one of the spices in All Spice.
The rest of our Saturday will consist of going for a walk, grilling out, and probably watching basketball on tv tonight. Brian's mom, Grandma Anna, is coming tomorrow to spend the day with us so that will round out our weekend nicely. Hopefully the rain is really and truly gone because I thought I was going coocoo for coco puffs there for a minute, and hope you out there, wherever you are, are enjoying your weekend as well!

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Rhonda said...

cute cute cute! that would be too funny if he skips crawling altogether.