Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reality Bites (and HITS)

In the wee hours of the morning as I was snuggled in bed sleeping, I was petting Lego, one of the dogs we are currently watching for our friends Wes & Jess while they are gone. As I pet Lego, he bit me suddenly, causing me to act swiftly in popping him good on the bottom. And pop him good I did, only as my hand made contact with the dog I became faintly aware of my surroundings, and then heard a bewildered Brian say, what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks??!!

Yes, it turns out my incident with Lego was a dream, and in real life, I slapped the heck out of a sleeping Brian! Whoopsie! I apologized profusely to my husband, but couldn't stifle the giggles that came pouring out as I did. It was just too funny not to laugh, and also too funny not to share, so there you go!

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Rhonda said...

That is pretty funny!! One time I had a dream that I smacked my best friend's brother, and I actually hit my mom in the face! (We were sharing a bed at my g-ma's.)