Saturday, March 07, 2009

9 months old!

Today is Bradley's 3/4 year birthday... in other words, he's 9 months old.

He goes to the doctor on Monday, so I don't have his official weight/height, but so far Bradley's been tracking along the 50th percentile for weight. I have a hunch he's a little short for his age though, because my little chunky monkey has a gut, so he has to make up for that extra weight somewhere! Other mile markers at this point:
  • He's up to eating 3 small meals of solid foods a day, plus still nursing 6 times.
  • Loves to stand when supported, and practices walking with me holding his hands
  • 3 1/2 teeth have popped through- 2 on the bottom, one on top, and another will be coming through any day. Still no pics of these though, because the little booger won't open his mouth up long enough for me to snap the picture
  • Scooting backwards using his arms (as you will see in the video below)
  • Favorite toys are still his exersaucer and stackable rings
  • Still not sleeping through the night. He goes down for 4 hour stretches and then wants to eat. I've given up thinking things could be different in this realm.
  • Loves to be outside, especially swinging and going for walks
  • Babbling a lot, but no real words yet. Surprise, surprise though, Bradley loves the sound of his own voice, and thinks everyone around him wants to listen to him squeal and holler! (hmm, a child that loves to talk... I wonder where he gets that?!)

This is a short clip of Bradley bouncing while holding onto his crib- he was mighty proud of himself!!

Here's Bradley at 9 months, demonstrating his scooting backwards across the carpet!


Anonymous said...

our little guy is getting to be not so little. I think he gets the talking part from you :)

Love you

Anonymous said...

Look at that little cutie!! I think he gets cuter by the second!!


Rhonda said...

OMG those are so funny! The way he bounced & wiggled holding onto the crib made me laugh out loud! He seems like such a happy little boy :)

Bart and/or Ari said...

I can't believe how big he is. Absolutely amazing and totally gorgeous.

Keri said...

how adorable. I bet Brian misses all of this :( I know Leonard hates to be away ... darn military life.