Sunday, February 15, 2009

Here comes the Bridal Shower

If you ever have a chance to plan a bridal shower that coincides with Valentine's Day, do it! With all of the available decorations and obvious tie-ins with the day devoted to love, it makes for a great shower theme for your bride-to-be. We four bridesmaids had so much fun planning and decorating for Laura's shower yesterday, and I also loved that it was a classy brunch to boot!

For the first half hour or so we let everyone mingle and enjoy the delicious spread of food. For the brunch we served hashbrown casserole (good job, Leah!), pumpkin muffins, sausage balls, fruit & dip, mini ham & swiss sandwiches, baby quiche, cheese & crackers, and chocolate covered strawberries. The beverage centerpiece was a mimosa fountain, though guests had the option of sipping raspberry-flavored seltzer water (but who would choose seltzer water over mimosas anyways?).

Then we moved onto the games. We played two; the first was a word scramble of "Famous Pairs" with answers like "oreos and milk," "Sonny & Cher," and of course "George & Laura!" The second game was a wee bit more difficult- okay- a lot more difficult. There were 15 movie quotes about Love and you had to name the movie. I considered making this a matching game but I thought it would be too easy that way. I guess I thought wrong. The winner only got 7 out of the 15 movie quotes!

Next we moved on to embarrassing the bride-to-be. Ahead of time I asked George 10 randomly-difficult questions about himself that Laura had to answer to prove just how well she knows her future husband. For every wrong answer she gave, she had to chew a piece of bubble gum. Amazingly enough, she got 5 out of 10 correct so this display was not as uncomfortable for her as it could have been! I gotta hand it to her- the girl knows her man! She was even able to correctly guess how many first cousins he has!

Finally we let Laura unwrap her mountain of gifts. I worked on her bouquet of ribbons, while the other bridesmaids snapped pictures, kept a running total of what she got from whom, and kept the presents coming and the trash out of the way. Laura only broke one ribbon, which the old wives' tradition would tell you means she & George will have one child. Diane, George's mom was vying for her to break a few more ribbons!
Here is the bride-to-be opening her "QVC special" from Mom: collapsable bakeware! You can tell by the chef's expression that she's not too sure about this stuff! Apparently it's the "new thing" in baking these days. We'll wait for the future Mrs. Murdoch to report on this stuff.

I love this picture of Laura opening this gift, because with the heart decoration hanging in the background, it looks like a heart-shaped thought bubble coming out of her head! What's the blushing bride thinking of here? Probably her fiancee, this picture seems to say!

Here's Laura with Mama B & her future mother-in-law, Diane

These are the fabulous Bridesmaids/hostesses with Laura. From L to R: Leah, the DIVA, the Bride, Erin, & Rachel.

All in the family: the MOH, the B, and the MOB

The wedding is coming soon, and details are coming together quickly. My job this week is to finish the slideshow I've been working on for FOREVER it seems! Next up: the bachelorette/lingerie shower in 2 weeks!


Laura said...

YAY! I had such a good time at the shower.
-the bride

MamaB said...

I did too!! Watching your face opening up the green bendable bakeware was hilarious!! You are gorgeous dear! 23 days and counting!