Friday, February 06, 2009

8 months today

Bradley is 8 months old today, though it's hard to believe!  Something about 8 months sounds old to me- older than I feel Bradley should be- and I guess it's because he's entered into the last quarter of his first year.  Some things he is now doing:
  • Sitting up very well now
  • Finally starting to babble recognizable consonants like "va va va" and "ba ba ba" (no mamas or dadas just yet though!)
  • He cut his 2 front bottom teeth
  • Standing with support from other people or furniture
  • Sleeping through the night (ha ha, just kidding about that one!!)
Don't I wish he were sleeping through the night!  Sadly no, Bradley still likes to have his midnight and 4am meals, and I don't have the heart to make him cry it out and learn to do without those extra dinners, so I guess it's my own fault at this point for my lack of sleep.  But I'm also okay with that for now.  Nursing has been a very positive experience for me, and shoving more solid foods at Bradley in order to get him to sleep longer at night just doesn't appeal to me.  I've sort of accepted that my son is a grazer, and doesn't like to eat a lot at a time during the day, so he needs those extra meals at night to make up for it.

Anyways, off of that soapbox!
Life with an 8 month old is not all that different from life with a 7 month old.  Tickle games are still exciting to him, as is Peek-a-boo.  The exersaucer is my lifesaver, and the only time I can ever count on getting a shower or anything else done is when Bradley is sleeping.  Thankfully his schedule is predictable so that's helpful.  One other interesting thing to me is that I can usually tell what kind of day Bradley is going to have by how vocal he is in the morning!  If he's laughing and cooing, it's going to be a good day.  The other alternative is lots of spitting up and impatient squeals to get attention!  I'll leave it up to your imaginations to determine what kind of days we have more often than not!

We visited with Rhonda Lu this week and she grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of Bradley, so here are those for your viewing pleasure!


MamaB said...

I love the "biting toe" picture and am always amazed at a baby's flexibility. How do they do that??

Bart and/or Ari said...

he's just so precious i could chew on him.

Anonymous said...

I see we have discovered our feet! How fun are those to chew on?