Thursday, January 01, 2009


I can say with quite certainty that 2008 has been the best and the worst year of my life, so I welcome 2009 with open arms! In lieu of the expected New Year's Resolutions, here are the things I anticipate the new year will bring:

  • Bradley's first birthday in June
  • Going back to work- whether that be a full-time or part-time job
  • Laura & George's wedding in March
  • Finding out once and for all if Bradley's hair will be blonde or red
  • Bradley's first words, steps, and finally sleeping through the night (please, God, let this one come soon!)
  • My last birthday in my twenties (I'm depressed already!)
  • A renewed, restored relationship with Jesus
Here's a few shots of Bradley in his special New Year's outfit, compliments of Old Navy. I'm ringing in the new year today by having a traditional new year's day dinner with our family friends the Reeds, in which Sandy will bring her famous corn bread, and mom will make everyone take at least a bite of cabbage and black-eyed-peas, the northern and southern traditional foods supposed to bring luck and money in the new year! I'll also probably start Harry Potter book 7 again since I just finished re-reading book 6 this morning. Nothing like a cold winter day to curl up in bed and read a good book! That's it for me. Happy New Year's, everyone.

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Anonymous said...

Awww our little guy will soon be not so little. I think we did good!