Saturday, January 10, 2009

having a ball today- foot & basket, that is

I've been relatively quiet on here lately about my favorite sports teams, but I can be quiet no longer.  While Brian's teams had lousy endings to their seasons- the Packers fizzled and didn't make the playoffs, and Wisconsin who started the season ranked lost their minor bowl game -my Kentucky Wildcats won their bowl game, and the Titans finished the regular season number one in the NFL!

Today the Tennessee Titans will take on the Baltimore Ravens at home, and you had better all be watching as my team continues to beat their opponents, and will probably continue to not get any love from the rest of the sports world.  But it's playoff time now, and all bets are off.  Every game is a must win, and brings us one game closer to the Superbowl.  But I get ahead of myself.

Now it's basketball season too, and the Big Blue also plays Vandy today, so it's a full day of tv watching for me, perfect for this yucky rainy Saturday.  Now the only decision that remains is what color of blue do I wear?


Katie said...

Ooo a game for the century (or at least January)... Your Titans are playing my Ravens. I apologize now, but I hope your Titans lose... ;)

Bethany said...

oops....better luck next year! :-)(it's okay- my Colts lost too)