Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

So here we are for Bradley's first Christmas morning. He was up at 6:30, but I think it was closer to 7:30 before everyone was up and ready for the opening of presents to commence. First things first- Bradley's presents from Santa- we went through each present, and he had the most fun helping me tear the wrapping paper. There was so much going on, and so many toys surrounding him that it was a bit overwhelming for both of us!

Bradley helping mommy with the wrapping paper!

Bradley's reaction of his new TMX Cookie Monster

Christmas 2008- Bradley's first Christmas

Bradley had so many presents that he didn't make it through opening all of them before it was time for his morning nap, so he came back after the nap for round 2, and Christmas breakfast. He also decided that Christmas morning would be the day he decided to finally commit to eating solid foods. We brought out the high chair for the occasion too! (Up until this point I had been clinging stubbornly to feeding him in his Bumbo seat, which he has outgrown.)

Christmas night we opened our stockings, and I took the opportunity to take pictures of Bradley literally in his stocking, it is so big! The new rule in the house has been that only items that fit in the stockings may be given as stocking stuffers, so Grandma B got Bradley's stocking extra-big to get around this stipulation.

Bradley and mommy on Christmas night
Bradley (aka Santa's Baby) with Grandma & Grandpa B

It was definitely a bittersweet day, with Brian and I not together on Christmas, but we attempted to each appreciate the time spent with family and I enjoyed being able to capture all the moments of Bradley's first December 25th. Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa B for making this a great first Christmas for Bradley. He got so many toys to play with that he should never be bored, as long as someone is right there with him to play of course!


Natrudy said...

Adorable pictures!

Rhonda said...

I laughed out loud at the Elmo video! Bradley is like, What is this blue thing and what the HECK is it doing??? So cute!!! Great pics too and I can't wait to see ya'll in person!