Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Hooray for new years and new Blogs!  Katie, of Beth & Katie (hey- you guys sound like a famous rock duo!) has a new home in cyberspace, to go along with her new home in real-life.  Congrats, Katie! (And congrats Beth too, since I never gave you a formal DIVA shout-out)

Also my cousin Eric has finally started a movie blog.  Check it out at He has mostly great taste in films (I say mostly because he hates the Harry Potter series, and how can anyone hate Harry Potter?  It's just wrong!) and can give great lengthy insight to the movies he sees.  Eric's a filmmaker moonlighting as a high school English teacher, and could be called the Zach Braff of Cannelton, IN.  You should check out his reviews and add your own witty banter in the comments section to encourage his blogs.  I hear bloggers like to get feedback in the form of comments just so they know their words are being read and appreciated... not that we don't love you too, Silent Lurkers everywhere, but the acknowledgement of a comment every now and then is a more tangible and quantifiable form of appreciation.  I'm JUST sayin!

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