Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A very DIVA Christmas

Every year my college music BFF's get together for our annual DIVA Christmas get-together. When we were in school, it was always dinner out together before we all left for the holidays. Ever since, Nashville has been our meet up spot since Ari & I both lived here, and Conley would fly into Nashvegas before heading to Kentucky to spend Christmas with her family.

This year, sadly, we were only able to manage a 2/3 DIVA convention, with Ari unable to attend (we missed you, Ari!). So Conley and I got a few precious hours together and exchanged Christmas pressies. She hadn't seen Bradley since he was a few days old, so of course we had to take plenty of pictures!Aunt Conley & Bradley... the shirt he has on was a baby shower gift from Conley and today was its maiden voyage, now that he's big enough to wear it! The sheep and sleeper were Christmas presents from her. Also if you look up close, Bradley now has what I like to call his "old man hair" that covers his ears!

Conley with Bradleys Junior and Senior

the 2/3 DIVA quorum (we miss you, Ari!)

Grandpa B & Bradley, showing off his preppy duds! I still maintain that real men wear pink!

Christmas is almost here. I can't wait to see how Bradley handles all the chaos and see his interest in opening presents. A quick shout out to Emmy Sue- Happy Eve of the Eve!


emmysue said...

Oh my...Bradley is so cute! (And so are you and Conley!) I love the pink shirt. How long are you in town? Would love to hug your neck!

Bart and/or Ari said...

missed you guys, too. so sorry i couldn't make it. we'll just have to schedule a trip soon. love you!