Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas Eve Recap

Christmas was really weird for me this year. Brian was in Tallahassee with his mom, and Bradley and I were here in Tennessee. Nevertheless, it was Bradley's first Christmas, and so we made the best of a bad situation.

Christmas Eve was spent with mom and Laura in the kitchen all day, and everyone finishing up last minute gifts and wrapping. We attended the usual Christmas Eve service at Brentwood Baptist. The highlight for me came at the very beginning of the service when country music songwriter Neil Thrasher (apparently also a BBC member?) sang his Christmas song "A Baby Changes Everything" with a string quartet accompanying him. It was simple, beautiful, and powerful. These are the things I miss about not living in Music City. Church music is good wherever you go, and the potential for songwriters and country music artists popping in and performing is always in the realm of possibility.

When we got home that evening, it was time to take family pictures. All of a sudden, the dogs started to bark, and we realized that someone was at the door. Mom answered the door, and in walks this woman holding a tub of Moosetracks ice cream, and directly behind her is a man who I can only assume is her husband, carrying a suitcase. They are standing in our home, looking at us expectantly, and we are each thinking that we have no idea who they are, but each one of us assumes somebody else recognizes our Christmas Eve guests. It only takes a few seconds of the strangers panning across the room before they realize they are at the wrong house! "What number is this?" the woman asks. "1421" Mom replies. "Oh, we're looking for 1425!" The ice-cream-laden lady responds with a laugh. The couple back their way out the door, meanwhile commenting to mom that they like our Christmas decorations anyways! It is all we can do to not bust out into a raucous laughter right then, and so we wait a couple of seconds after the door shuts behind them before we allow the laughter to escape!

After our unknown and unexpected guests left, we continued with our family photo session in front of the tree.
While dinner was cooking, Laura and I carried on our Christmas Eve tradition of opening our presents from each other, and Bradley surprised me with a gift to open that night as well- a new camera- although I think he might've had some help shopping from Grandpa B!

Christmas Eve Dinner was absolutely amazing! Laura and Mom never fail to outdo themselves. We had a marinated and herb rubbed beef tenderloin, sauteed brussel sprouts, fried apples, and garlic mashed potatoes. I'm not usually much of a meat eater, but that night I had 2 helpings of the steak, along with everything else! My compliments to the chefs!

After dinner, which was later than usual, I scrambled to get Bradley to bed at a semi-normal hour, but took the time to get his Christmas Jammies on, and then pose him for pictures with cookies and milk for Santa!

However, I had a good hunch that what Santa really wanted was not cookies, but rather cookie dough, so there's that picture as well!

After the little one was asleep, we rounded out the evening by watching The Holiday that I had just received as a gift earlier that evening, and went to bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads.


MamaB said...

What a wonderful Christmas this has been--God is good!

Mary Anna said...

Could he get any cuter and could you get any prettier? You look great, gal.