Monday, December 08, 2008

6 months!

I cannot believe it, but we have hit the half-year mark. Yesterday was Bradley's 6 month birthday. It also happened to be the day that baby Wesley made his grand appearance into the world- congrats Wes & Jess! So now Bradley has a new best friend, right next door.

I can't emphasize how true the cliche phrase is that everyone has been telling me since Bradley was born- "enjoy the time while they're young, they grow up so fast." Our little chunky monkey has exploded in size. I'll have the official measurements next week when we go for his checkup, but my back and shoulders which ache after I carry him around for very long will attest to the fact that he is big for his age. Also, perfect strangers comment on how cute he is (of course!) and then ask how old he is. When I say 6 months, their reaction is always the same- their eyes widen, and then they say something like, wow, he's a big boy, or something similar.

The other thing people are always telling me is what a happy baby he is. I guess I lucked out there because Bradley really does have a cheerful disposition most of the time. He's sitting up now, as long as he supports himself with his hands, or we prop him up from behind. He also "swims" on the floor, and supports himself great on his stomach now. We had been feeding him one meal of solid food every day, but certain digestive issues have caused me to hit the pause button there. It seems my son has inherited my bathroom irregularity! Bradley wasn't all that interested in eating from a spoon anyways, so we'll pick it back up soon. I'm not terribly concerned. One other fun thing that Bradley discovered this month was his toes! He lays on his back and holds onto them, which I snapped a picture of yesterday on his actual 6 month birthday. Maybe the next 6 months will pass more slowly! ha!


emmysue said...

I could just eat those legs! He is so adorable...seriously.

Anonymous said...

aww little buddy is so darn cute! i have the most adorable nephew ever!!

MamaB said...

I love babies when they find their toes!! Built-in toys are so nice!!

Natrudy said...

That is the cutest chunky monkey I have ever seen!