Wednesday, October 01, 2008


And the city.

ha ha- made you look!  (I know right?  What a cheap ploy to get you to read my blog!)  They say sex sells, so I wonder how many copies of the movie has flown off the shelves in its first week on DVD?  I received my much anticipated copy of SATC: the movie (Or Sex & the City season 7 as Sarah Scott calls it) on Saturday, but held off from watching it till Monday with Jess while both of our husbands were at work.  

You'll recall that I was very pregnant when the movie came out in theaters this past spring, and the very day I was finally slated to see the movie with Rhonda and Joe, wouldn't you know it, I went into labor!  I went so far as to consider seeing the movie that afternoon to distract me from the ensuing contractions, but thought better of it.  I remember calling Rhonda that morning while walking with mom through the neighborhood to try and lessen the pain of the contractions or make them stop altogether (no such luck) and saying to her, well I have bad news- I can't make it to the movie because I'm going to the hospital instead!

In true-to-form irony, Bradley was really fussy on Monday while Jess and I were trying to watch the movie, forcing me to stop the movie 5 or 6 times to take care of my cranky little man.  Well, he stopped me from seeing this movie the first time, I said, I guess it's only fitting that he keep me from seeing it now!  We got through the fussiness and since then, SATC has had a permanent place in my dvd player.  It's been running constantly while I dash from room to room getting things done, and conveniently it's on when I plop down on the couch to feed Bradley.

I'm thinking enough is enough though, and today marks the sad day when I shall return the movie to its little Netflix envelope, and pay it forward so some other deserving lady or gay man can enjoy Sarah Jessica Parker and crew.  The scene I can't get enough of?  The Vogue fashion shoot.  Those dresses?!  OMG, I'm JUST sayin!  I give the movie 2 thumbs way up.

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Rachel said...

I saw the movie in the theaters (really pregnant as well!) When the vogue fashion show came on I rubbed my eye for a split second and my contact fell out of my eye!!! I frantically spent the whole scene trying to get it back in but by the time I did, I missed all the dresses!! I think I am going to rent to movie to just watch that scene.