Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumped about carving

Today was a gorgeous fall day here in Florida, and we celebrated by attending not one, but two pumpkin carving parties!

The first was hosted by friends and next-door neighbors Wes & Jess, and the second was at Ansley & Ben's house- a couple we know from church. Here are just a few shots from the festivities.
Here's Bradley wide awake and enjoying the pumpkins (or more so, his hand. He chews on them a lot these days.)

And here's Bradley zonked out- too much fun for him!

Here's me in an "action shot." Wouldn't you know it, I was the last one to finish my pumpkin!

Here's Wes' drunk jack-o-lantern. One too many Bud Light's apparently.

Brian's and my (aren't you proud of my grammatical triumph, Ari?) finished pumpkins. We both used stencils from the carving kit we bought. That was my first try at using one of those things, and my emotions are mixed. Sure, you can make cool designs, but it almost feels like cheating yourself out of the raw, basic pumpkin carving experience. But then again, maybe I'm over-thinking it?

And finally, our three happy jack-o-lanterns all lit up!


Anonymous said...

i am not a fan of the stencils. i enjoy the fun of screwing up and then having to fix the mistake with a bigger mouth, nose, etc...
though your punkins looks nice and you all look like you had a good day. love you!

-Beth- said...

Those are some impressive pumpkins! We used stencils one year and then I thought I might cry when the pumpkins rotted before halloween! ha!

We too got pumpkins today! :)

Bart and/or Ari said...

i think they look great and i am thrilled with you proper grammar! well done all around.

MamaB said...

Good pumpkins but I like the "original ones" better than the stencil ones. Laura, George and Daddy B are carving theirs on Wed. and i will be roasting the pumpkin seeds as usual!

Anonymous said...

Very professional, I'm impressed! I especially like puking one.
- Silent No More -