Monday, October 13, 2008

Knights of Columbo (Day)!

It was a low key weekend for us. Friday was Spouse's Day on base for Brian's squadron. It was pretty uneventful, but we did get lunch outside on the pavillion, and then Brian and I took the opportunity to snap some pictures of us with Bradley on the playground nearby.

Notice his festive matching t-shirt and socks, compliments of Aunt Laura! Friday evening was spent making dinner and watching a Netflix movie (Sicko), and I caught Bradley grinning big in his bouncy seat!

Currently, the dilema with taking Bradley's picture is that it's impossible to catch him smiling at the camera, because by the time all the blinking lights and flashes have gone off, they startle him into a wide-eyed stare where a smile was just seconds before!

Saturday Grandma Ann came to visit, and the four of us went to Wes & Jess's baby shower on Saturday night. It was funny being on the other side of a baby shower, remembering that when I had mine in April, I wasn't even sure what to do with all the gifts I received (and I'll never forget the way the girls oohed and ahhed over Beth's Boppy pillow gift she got at her December baby shower, with me not having a clue what a Boppy even was!).

The Vilendrer family at the baby shower

(aka another excuse for Bradley to wear his fancy party outfit while it still fits!

Sunday we went to church and spent a lazy day watching football and cleaning after saying bye to Grandma Ann, and today is Columbus Day, a work holiday for Brian so he's outside pressure-washing the house! fun, fun! (The blog title is a shout out to Emily, a reference to an Anchorman quote-gone-wrong.) I'm not sure what else we'll accomplish today, but if the weather holds out I see a walk through the neighborhood in our immediate future.

Lookout Nashvillians, we're headed your way this weekend and would love to see you!


Anonymous said...

A) He looks adorable in his punkin shirt and socks.
2) I am glad he got to wear his fancy outfit again.
C) Your hair looks good! Love the cut!

p.s. and if you can tell me what movie my comment is from then i will give you a yankee dime.

emmysue said...

AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I forgot about Nights of Columbo...hbilarious. Miss you, friend. Natalie filled me in from her conversation with you. I would love to talk soon...or even better, SEE you this weekend. Let me know your schedule! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Brian and Bradley is very cute! p.s. Next time you see Grandma Ann tell her McCain is gonna lose. :) Sarah V.

The Goad Family said...

Hi Amanda. I saw that you had a blog when I was looking at Dana Waldroup's blog. Bradley is adorable! I didn't know that you had fallen for a man in uniform! :) I married my man in uniform in 2006 and we are now stationed in Germany.
-Kristin Brooks Goad.