Friday, October 24, 2008

Getting Gorgeous

We all know I'm a huge cosmetics-addict. Well on my recent trip to TN (that blog is coming soon!) Laura, mom, Bradley, and I snuck away to Green Hills for some girl time on Saturday afternoon. Our destination? Sephora, of course!

Laura and I each had gift cards to spend, but mine was not spent without a little legwork ahead of time. You see, I had the unfortunate luck of accidentally throwing away my gift card, so I had to get the receipt from mom and dad, and hound the Sephora people until they agreed to re-issue me a new gift card. What a nice surprise though, to get the automated answering message each time I called the Green Hills store.

"Hello, gorgeous" the voice said each time I dialed.
"How did they know I was calling?" I thought cheerfully to myself.

Then you listened to the different menu options before choosing the appropriate one. I however, found it was such an ego boost to hear some unrecognizable male voice on the other end of the phone referring to me as gorgeous, that I kept calling and hanging up right after the greeting!

Hello gorgeous!... Hello gorgeous!... Hello gorgeous!... well you get the idea...

Anyways, we three ladies and the bebe spent a good amount of time perusing the aisles of the store, before I finally settled on 2 items:

Bare Escentuals Well-Rested, an under-eye concealer I have already been using, and Bare Escentuals Rare Minerals- a Best-of-Sephora-voted product for blemishes, and one I have been wanting to try. (MA, I'll let you know what I think about the Rare Minerals- it's still too early to tell)

I had so much fun looking at all of the new products and daydreaming about an unlimited makeup budget, and sampled a few powders and lip glosses along the way. And of course, we had to record Bradley's first trip to the Makeup Mecca for posterity!


MamaB said...

Bradley and I enjoyed perusing the brightly lit aisles at Sephora. All the ladies would look at him and say "what a cute little boy"!!! as we strollered from one aisle to the other!!

Rhonda said...

I love this picture! You look SO happy to be there!

Rhonda said...

By the way, I have to say this at the risk of being ex-communicated from my circle of friends, and because I love shock value...I do not own, nor ever have owned, a single Sephora product.

Luckily, this circle of friends understands how frugal I am (and how hot I've always been using simple Target make-up). The only way I'd go there is with a gift card. (Christmas & my b-day is right around the corner ladies...)

Mary Anna said...

I'm patiently awaiting the review.

I need to send you the BE foundation that Em and I couldn't use. Email me your addy...and let me know that you did that, cause I'm still not getting your emails!

Anonymous said...

i love the stroller! old school strollers are way cooler than those bulky mostrosities they sell now. hmm, and now i know that you like sephora.

Sallie said...

You crack me up. I love how you're beaming from ear to ear. :)