Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Painted Love

Monday Brian had a day off of work, so he and I tackled a home project I've been dying to complete.  We finally painted our guest bathroom!  It's a little brighter color than what I'd anticipated, but I've never been one to shy away from bold colors, so I'm satisfied.  (Any of you who know Amy Helms, this is the same shower curtain she has in her bathrooom!  What can I say?  We've got great taste.)

Brian called the experience a Team Building project, and for us that was about right.  I only threw one tantrum, and he only flung one paintbrush.  Yes, I am openly neurotic and OCD about getting paint on the baseboards and floor, and the way I think the painting needed to be done. A guy can only take so much 
neurosis in such a small space!  A few pages of my vampire book later, and several deep breaths, and I was ready to paint again!

Afterwards during the "clean up process" we had more fun than the actual painting project!


Anonymous said...

i love the color. it looks great!

MamaB said...

Yes, I love the color in "my" bathroom as well!! Thanks for tackling that little project and glad Bradley didn't get in the way!!!