Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic chatter

You should sit around and watch Olympics with my family. You really should. We have a blast making up our own commentaries whilst we watch the athletes. A few funny highlights from the past several nights:

Sasha Artemev mom says looks like he has rickets- he's scrawny, and has dark circles under his eyes. Mom is also obsessed with Jonathan Horton. Every time he comes on the screen she has to tell us how muh she likes him.
The swimmer Pieter van den I-have-the-longest-last-name-ever Hoogenband doesn't have a chance against American frat-tastic powerhouse Michael Phelps. "Fish Mouth" swimmer from Russia doesn't either. Funny how blase' it has become for Phelps to win another gold medal! Speaking of Phelps, fellow American swimmer Ryan Lochte is set to become America's most hated athlete if he beats Phelps at his own game, ruining Phelps' perfect chance at attaining golds in all of his events. You feel bad for Lochte, but you know he enters his race knowing what an underdog he is. Finally, you have a "Beavers" and a "Tancock" swimming in the same race... I wonder if they are friends? I'm just sayin...
Also in the world of gymnastics, Laura decided that if tumbling doesn't work out for Chinese gymnast Yang Wei he could have a rap career based solely upon his name alone (and then Michael Phelps could listen to him on his ipod before smashing another world record).
Speaking of the Chinese, it's pretty sad that the image-conscious nation would substitute a cute girl to lip sync during the opening ceremonies while the not-so-pretty one sings live backstage. It's the Chinese version of Milli Vanilli!
Yes, I have officially caught Olympic fever, and there's still another week to go!


Bart and/or Ari said...

after my bradley family olympic experience, i don't think i'll ever be the same again.

Rhonda said...

I'm loving this post! Olympic watching is rather normal with Joe and I. Some way is that little Chinese gymnast actually 16. Michael Phelps is really in shape, but I have NEVER found him attractive one bit...however I bet he can hear really good underwater. I wish the USA men's gymnastics team had actually shown up...I miss Blaine Wilson. Synchronized diving is mesmerizing. Why do we have to have beach volleyball AND regular volleyball? Did you hear Phelps eats 10,000 calories a day?

MamaB said...

Yes, we Bradleys do love our olympics!! That poor little gymnast-he needs vitamin C or just some sleep or something and yes, to coin a phrase that Amanda uses all the time--little Jonathan Horton is a cutie patootie!! And who cares that Michael Phelps has big ears and a huge underbite--he sure can move in the water!! And maybe that is why he has a huge underbite--from eating all those calories every day. I love the olympics and this is just Week ONE!

emmysue said...

I'm cheering on Phelps right now! PS - this post was hilarious...miss you and your constant wit. ;)