Sunday, August 31, 2008

Labor Day weekend part one

Labor Day weekend continues, and we're waiting to see where Hurricane Gustav makes landfall.  Depending on how far west the storm hits we'll get a lot of rain and wind, and are under a Tropical Storm warning now.  Either way, looks like this storm is going to give us more action than Fay.

College football season is now officially under way.  Saturday me Brian & Bradley, along with Grandma Anna, Jim, & Jesse went to a sports bar in Pensacola to watch both the LSU and Wisconsin games.  They both won, and Kentucky beat U of L today for the second year in a row!  The SEC is a force to be reckoned with always (except for poor Miss St!).

Sat. night we all piled into Jim's truck and drove out to Sandestin (about an hour from Gulf Breeze where we are) and went to Baytown Wharf, which is a really cute touristy area on the water with little shops and restaurants.  As is common with coastal cities, a freak rainstorm passed through just as we were parking the car, so we dodged raindrops from the parking lot all the way to an underground parking garage, thinking we could cut through and get to the wharf on the other side.  Let's just say we got more than our fill of the parking garage by the time we zigzagged through and finally made it up to ground level, and waited for the rain to subside.  I say subside, and not stop, because the men decided the rain had "quit" after 10 minutes of waiting, so we went ahead out into the wet weather towards the wharf.  I was slipping and sliding in my flip flops, soaked from top to bottom trying to push the stroller through the sprinkling precipitation.

We settled on one of the first restaurants we found, and had a nice dinner outside on the covered porch of this cajun, new-orleans-style place to satisfy our hunger, and dry off.  I was a much happier camper after I got some food in me and let some of the water on me evaporate.  After an interesting feeding session with Bradley in the ladies' room, Grandma Anna, Jesse, and Bradley took off walking, and me, Brian, and Jim walked into this little club where they were advertising free draft & well drinks, and no cover charge till 10 pm.  It was your typical middle-aged-tourist club where they played your favorite disco hits of the 70s and 80s.  This was the second time Brian and I have been out since Bradley has been born, so we each had a couple beers and shooke our groove thing for a few minutes before meeting back up with the others.  We made the loop around the wharf, and I fed the fishies off the dock, finally heading home around 10 pm.  Our little man was all tuckered out, but we all had a good time visiting.
a photo op in the giant chair

cross dressers!

Due to Gustav making his approach today, Ann, Jim, and Jesse went ahead and left to avoid the heavier trafic, so now Brian and I are gearing up to have Amber and Mobes over.  More on that to come later!

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