Monday, August 11, 2008

Fancy a Photo?

Argh... I am starving, waiting for George and Laura to bring home my favorite- Blue Coast Burrito for lunch, so I figured I'd pass the time by posting a blog from TN with some pics from the week so far.

Brian, Bradley, and I rolled into town on Thursday afternoon. Brian couldn't get over how "cold" it was, and I couldn't stop thinking how Green everything was! It's good to be back in TN though. Not much has changed- the family is still fighting over whose turn it is to hold Bradley, with Grandma B winning that battle most of the time.

Our good family friends the Reeds married off their oldest son Andrew on 08-08-08, the main reason for us being in town. I was priviledged to sing at the wedding, and got through Ave Maria just fine despite hardly singing a note for months (well, besides the little songs I am making up for Bradley every day). The wedding and reception were beautiful, and it gave me a chance to dress Bradley up in some "fancy outfits!" See examples A, B, C, & D below:

Bradley in his fancy Pooh Bear outfit for the rehearsal dinner. (And that's spit up, not pee, on the bed!)

Our little family

Grandma B holding Little B in his fancy wedding outfit

The whole Bradley-Vilendrer-Future Murdoch gang at the wedding reception
Several minutes later... still waiting on that lunch. But it's good to be in Tennessee!


Anonymous said...

Well you know you can't leave without so much as a hello! =^P


Mary Anna said...

I can't believe how much the little bugger is growing. Keep the pictures coming!