Saturday, August 16, 2008

the DIVA's guide to L&D

I've been meaning to do this for a while now.  I read this awesome book when I was preggers called the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy (thanks Beth for recommending this!) and laughed all the way through it.  It's a no-holds-bar approach to telling you the details you really want to know from the perspective of a fellow Girlfriend who's been there, done that.

Well I decided that after having Bradley I would share my own insiders guide to Labor & Delivery- the DIVA's guide if you will!  Here are a few tips for you mamas-to-be; print this and save it for when the time comes.  It will have you looking and feeling fabulous when the time is right.

1.  Take the time to shower, and shave your legs before going to the hospital.
*This is assuming that your health and the health of your baby do not dictate you get to the hospital sooner, but it will make a world of difference of how you look and feel both before and after your baby is born.  Beforehand, it's great to distract you from the (ouch!) painful contractions you're having.  Afterwards, depending on how long you're in labor, and what kind of recovery you have, you have no idea when you'll want, or be able, to shower again.  It gives you peace of mind to not feel so gross after recovery if you can rest in the fact that it hasn't really been that long since you washed your hair.

2.  You're going to have your picture taken a ton, so fix your hair, and put on makeup
*Again, this assumes you and baby are healthy and in no great rush to get to the hospital!  I went through the bulk of my labor before I was ever at the hospital (I was at 7cm already when I was admitted) and I credit my lengthy beauty routine for getting me through it.  All I kept thinking of was how many pictures were going to be taken and that I needed to not look like a hag in them, so away I went, expertly applying foundation, lip gloss, and even eyeliner in between pausing to grimace and breathe through the pain.

3.  On the same topic of makeup- wear waterproof mascara!  
I made the mistake of Not doing this, and boy do I regret it!  After having Bradley, a few hours later the nurse helped me to the bathroom and I immediately regretting looking into the mirror!  Somewhere along the way my tears of joy had created rivers of mascara down my face without anyone telling me, and I cursed myself for being so droll.  A DIVA with any sense would have known better.  So take my advice!  Wear waterproof mascara!

4.  Bring a hairdryer with you to the hospital.  
They aren't hotels, most of them will not have this appliance for your showering convenience.  I also learned this lesson the hard way, remembering to pack my curling iron, which did no good when I realized I had forgotten a hair dryer.  

5.  Unless you plan on eating the hospital food, check into your hospital's policy on serving meals.  
If they bring the meals 3 times daily, and you don't eat them, you are charged regardless.  It would be great to save on this expense.  From my own experience, the breakfast wasn't too bad, but I didn't touch the lunch or dinners.

6.  BYOP.
You'll read this in all your baby books, but bring your own pillow.  You won't sleep much in the hospital, but when you can, yours is surely to be more fluffy and substantial than the crap flat cotton rectangle they call a pillow.

7.  Bring a new maternity nightgown to wear.  Nothing lifts your spirits like new clothes, and after being stuck in a hospital nightgown for who knows how long, you'll be grateful to have something fresh to change into sometime during your recovery process.  

"That's it, that's all.  Nothing more nothing less."  Hope these help you or a friend at some point to look and feel fabulous during a very important time in a DIVA's life. 


Bart and/or Ari said...

hahahaha! all the necessities right there in front of me. thanks!

emmysue said...

I love it. THanks for the advice...hope I get to use it some day. :)

Sallie said...

Thank you, a million times over, thank you. I hadn't thought about refusing the hospital meals. We're paying for this next baby in cash and trying to save $$$ any way we can. What a good idea!

Conley said...

Word! That's great advice, indeed! Especially the whole, "I don't want to look like I just gave birth in all of my pictures" prep. I agree, preparing for an onslaught of photos during delivery merits almost as much attention as your wedding day!

Katie said...

Oooo here is another... bring your own champagne. The whole time I was in the hospital recuperating, I never did find the minibar... :D