Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cart Query

Calling all moms, friends of moms, or anyone smarter than me who can find a solution to this problem of mine:

When taking Bradley to Walmart, I am having a lot of difficulty navigating through the store with Bradley's carrier cautiously positioned on the top of the basket near the handle.  Am I doing something wrong?  Is there a better way to shop with an infant?  I implore your help.

My biggest problem is that I am a mere 5'2", not tall enough to see over the carrier, and that's with the canopy and carrier handle bar down!  I have to crane my neck and look around the basket to make sure the way is clear, and inevitably I am going to run over a small child who darts out in front of my cart without my knowing.  Already I have hit food displays and wet floor signs that come of of nowhere, causing me to back up my novice, cart-pushing self, and retract my steps.  I feel like an idiot, and it makes grocery shopping even less fun than I normally find it, worried the whole time that Bradley's carrier is going to slide off, or like I mentioned previously, that I am going to run over a toddler.  Any ideas??


J.J. Ferguson said...

Do you have a Baby Bjorn carrier? You could put him in the carrier when you go to the store and that way you wouldn't have to put the carrier on the cart. Other then that the only other thing I could think of would be to put the carrier in the cart itself if you are doing some lite shoping you could fit a few things in the cart and then some stuff in the seat area. Hope that helps some. Good Luck.

-Beth- said...

I have the SAME problem - even 2 inches shorter! I too have hit all the things you listed and one day in target another mom (in our same situation) and I just about had a HEAD on grocery cart collision. My only solutions are 1.make sure you don't have the little hood thing on the carrier up - that helps and 2.HOTSLING he loves it and usually falls asleep and then I can see and have my hands free. Other than that I just figure people should steer clear and move their kids outta the way too!!!

Sallie said...

Hey Amanda,

I actually never used that carrier thing! A baby bjorn worked great...and when I would go places like the pediatrician I would wonder why all the women has their babies in that carrier instead of their arms? The babies would cry and they would furiously rock the thing back and forth... I wanted to scream, "HOLD YOUR BABY!" They love to feel their momma's warmth and heartbeat. Obviously you can tell I'm not a big fan of those :) Grocery shopping is equally as difficult with the carrier. A sling or the Bjorn works great. Good luck!

Keri said...

hey Amanda, this is Brian's cousin Keri, and I clicked to your blog through facebook, and was reading away when I found this entry. I worked at Target for 1.5 years, and I can't tell you how many times I have seen those carriers overturned and babies ended up on the floor because of clothes/other carts/ etc pushing by and moving the carrier. I would say definitely use a Bjorn, Sling, etc because carts are so unsafe for the carrier! Soon enough he will be big enough to sit up in the front! They get big so fast. :) Hope you all are well. Give Bri my love. -keri