Monday, August 04, 2008

Bradleys and Beaches

Another long overdue post, this one to document the trip made by Grandma & Grandpa B and Aunt Laura to Pensacola Beach, July 22nd- 26th.

Grandma B & Little B

Even a size small is too big right now!  
He looks more like he should be a member of the 3 Amigos than at the beach!
Grandpa B & "Bunky" at the beach- 
don't worry, it was too hot, so Bradley didn't stay for very long.
I was antsy to finally see Bradley in his beach wear!  
Sisters reunited

Bradley & Bradley women

Looking for Jellyfish- they were everywhere!

Aunt Laura & Bradley relax at the Holiday Inn (alas, Snoop Dog was nowhere to be found)

Brian and Laura took a wave runner out on Friday in the sound- aka, the Fake Ocean, and unfortunately, the only body of water around able to cool you off, due to the massive influx of jellyfish on the coast.

We had a great visit.  The weather cooperated for the most part, even though the jellyfish made it impossible to get in the ocean.  Bradley got some great time visiting with Grandma & Grandpa B in the hotel room, while Mom (that's me!) got some much-needed down time at the beach.  I'm sure there were funny stories that I was supposed to blog about, but it's been so long, I'm doing good enough getting pictures posted!  Yay for family visits, and fun in the sun!


Anonymous said...

i know funny things happened, but i can not remember any of them except for the german guy that mom rubbed lotion on twice.

MamaB said...

And what about the nice Pensacola policeman that didn't give Grandpa B a speeding ticket on our way to Publix and how Grandpa B didn't realize we were sitting next to a Hooters restaurant listening to the band at that Bamboo Willie's place---sure, he didn't!!!
AND how about those great pita pocket sandwiches Laura made for us in the hotel room!! FUN TIMES!!

Sarah said...

I'm loving all the updates, especially the pix!! I seriously nearly fell out of my chair with the Three Amigos comment... hilarious!

Love you, little momma. I'll be in touch soon. xoxoxo

Bart and/or Ari said...

looks like you guys had a great time and i can speak for the current nashvillians when i say that we can't wait for you to be home for a visit!