Monday, June 30, 2008

Thanks aunt Sarah!

Now before you all go chastising me about dressing my son in- YES- a PINK elephant sleeper, let me throw out the disclaimer that he got this outfit from his aunt Sarah.  So I take no credit in purchasing the offensive article, but every ounce of credit in dressing him in this, and posting pics on the internet for all the world to see!

I maintain my philosophy that "real men wear pink" and take every opportunity to convince my husband of this mantra and anyone else who will listen.  Bradley will no doubt get his fill of my pink propaganda once he's old enough to understand English, and becomes aware of the fact that his mom is dressing him in "sissy colors."  But for now, he's my precious little doll, and I get to dress him in whatever I want to, and right now, I have an adorable pink elephant onesie sleeper that will only fit him for so long, so I might as well take every opportunity to get some use out of it!


MamaB said...

I can say without a doubt that little B looked like a doll in that pink onesie last week. Some guys can pull off wearing pink and he is definitely one of them. We even managed to let him use a pink and green blanket while in the comfort of his own home!!! That little guy can wear any color and look adorable. (This message was written and approved by little B's non-prejudiced Grandma!!)

Katie said...

He is adorable! That boy totally rocks a pick elephant onesie!

Bethany said...

That is hilarious!! I love it :-) Hey- you have the power right now...go for it, girl!