Wednesday, June 25, 2008

home sweet home

Bradley & I are here in sunny Florida, getting settled in nicely. Luckily for me and my OCD need to get everything put away ASAP, I've got Mama B here to hold Bradley while I organize and vice versa. Brian is putting the crib together tonight so I should have nursery pics up soon! I definitely miss TN and all that comes with it (especially Laura, Dad, George, and The Boys) but I know that I will soon establish a new sense of normal and the homesick feelings will fade as our new little family starts to build our life here.

I am itching to get to the beach and see the Real Ocean- as opposed to the sound, or as I call it, the Fake Ocean, that I can see from Highway 98, but that's going to have to wait a few weeks. As a new wife and mom, the sun, surf, and sand are not exactly high on the priority list right now. Luckily the thought of trying to squeeze my postpatum self into a swimsuit is enough to keep those feelings of want at bay right now anyways!

I will post pics soon of our cute little house, but for now, this is Missus V, signing off to head to the kitchen for more organizational antics.


Anonymous said...

Well we miss you too! I am glad that you have higher priorities than getting to the beach. I can not wait to see the house once you get it all arranged. Love you!

Sallie said...

Good luck, Amanda! Love seeing how things are progressing, and remember to take it easy--you have a lot on your plate right now, with a newborn, a move, and all those crazy postpartum hormones! We're rooting for you!

Katie said...

I am glad that you all made it safely and are getting organized and settled. With the beach so close, I bet little Bradley will be swimming and surfing by the time he is 3! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss u already!! Go enjoy a little of that sunshine and saltwater!!

Conley said...

Your house is totally presh! I can't wait to come and see it! We need to plan a Diva convention for when you're all settled in. :)

Bethany said...

How exciting! I'm so excited for your new fun life! What part of Florida are you in again?