Sunday, May 18, 2008

Labor of Love

Labor of Love is the cutesy name for the childbirth classes offered at Centennial Hospital where I'm delivering. Brian came up last weekend and this weekend so we could attend these back to back sessions together. It was a LOT of information in a short amount of time! The thing that got me most excited was the tour of the hospital, and getting to see one of the labor & delivery rooms. It helped me to envision where I will likely be spending a lot of time getting ready for Bradley to make his grand appearance.
I volunteered Brian to wear the empathy pregnancy belly which weighs 40 pounds that gives the husbands an idea of what their wives are going through. The teacher made an example out of Brian by having him lie down on the hospital bed in the classroom and practice rolling over and getting out of bed.

At one point last week the teacher was walking around with a laminated poster of the female anatomy and showing us how the expanding uterus crams all of your other organs out of the way to make room for baby. This, she explained, is why you're dealing with increased heartburn-
Amen! I exclaimed out loud-
and gas, the teacher continued, bringing chuckles from the rest of the class, and sympathetic nods and agreements from the other mothers-to-be. Slightly embarrassed by my enthusiastic unintentional admittance for both of the symptoms she described, it would not compare to Brian's bright red face after the teacher this week asked him what the highest point of a contraction was called. Brian offered "the climax?" as his answer while the rest of the class laughed, and the teacher quipped that no, but that's probably how you got here in the first place (The correct answer is peak, FYI).

Friday was Brian's and my 3 month anniversary so we celebrated by treating ourselves to dinner at Maggiano's. Here's a pic of him and me, at 35 1/2 weeks before we left for what was essentially our last date night before baby Bradley gets here!
Brian left yesterday, and I'm officially full term today, so now we begin the baby watch portion of the pregnancy. Mom was late delivering both Laura and me, but I'm praying for an early delivery for Bradley as it's becoming increasingly more uncomfortable as the days go by!


Mary Anna said...

Not too much longer now! Crazy. I can't wait to meet lil' Bradley.

Let's have ice cream soon, k?

Mark Kelly Hall said...

Is it just my eyes or does that fake belly include boobs?

Anyway, here's something to watch in case you're ever tempted to look back fondly on dating as a singleton:

natalie said...

No don't have Bradley early!!! I am going to be out of town for business June 9th - 13th. If Bradley comes while I'm gone, I will make that child wear only puke green and no pink ever!!!

Amanda Vilendrer said...

oh yeah it does! fake boobies AND a fake belly! Brian's comment after he had to use the restroom while wearing the empathy belly:
"I couldn't see anything"
my response: "ya think???"

-Beth- said...

awww... we went on what we called our "last date" to mac. grill - funny. Yep, in my class when they asked your partner to introduce you they asked him to state if you were planning on an epidural or natural and Daniel said our names followed by, "Can she have her epidural NOW?"

So exciting. He'll be here soon!