Sunday, March 16, 2008

March Miracles

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.  I retract my statement about the Cats from my last post.  Uninspired (and lacking faith in my Wildcats, you're right- sorry Ellen!) I didn't even watch the NCAA selection show this evening.  In a surprise turn of events though, Kentucky was awarded an 11th seed and has to play #6 Marquette on Thursday.  Here's how I found out:

I'm upstairs in my room talking to mom, and from downstairs I hear a voice hollar up at us, "Kentucky made it!"
"Are you kidding me?  What seed are we?" Mom asked.
"11" the person said.
"Who do we play?" we asked.
"Sh$t." I said. 
Laughter from downstairs.

It's true.  Marquette is one of those teams Kentucky fans hold a grudge against.  I can remember that horrible game in 2003 when many experts thought Kentucky would win it all, and stupid Dwayne Wade led Marquette to an unexpected upset against the Cats, dashing our hopes of another national title.

But all in all, I am just pleased to have made the tournament.  It's way more fun to fill out brackets when you have a vested interest.  If you're not already in a pool, Facebook has an application you can add.


Big Blue Barry said...

Oh ye of little faith... I feel that Marquette is a good match up for us. They don't have any dominant inside presence and a very perimeter-oriented team. So we have a good shot against them. Plus, for us fans anyways, the revenge factor is also a nice bonus. If we do get past them, well... as Coach says... let's just take it one game at a time.

Mary Anna said...

I need you to come and fill out my pool at work. Baseball, I know. College football, I know. But NCAA basketball? Not so much. You wanna be my "ghostwriter"?