Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Franklin's Finest

Daddy B and I were in downtown Franklin this morning for an appointment, and upon pulling out of the parking garage I noticed a slip of paper under the windshield wiper. Is that a ticket, I asked? Sure enough, we'd been cited. And what may you ask was our heinous crime?? Illegal parking. But not just any illegal parking violation- because I assure you, the parking garage is number one, free to park in, and also had plenty of spaces available. But no, we were parked illegally because apparently "Head-in parking" is required.

So I have an $11 ticket to pay to the City of Franklin because we backed into a parking place. Are you kidding me? If the Franklin police have nothing better to do than patrol parking garages on weekday mornings then I suggest we need more donut shops in the area. I would love to go to court and contest it and ask the judge and officer the very same thing- your policemen have nothing better to do than cite your residents for ludicrous laws that, by the way, I've never seen a sign for in this or any parking garage? But the time off work and gas money it would take to get me to court would be more than the ticket, so I guess this is one battle I resolve to lose.

But just so ya know, don't back into parking places in Franklin parking garages because Big Brother Is Watching You!


Anonymous said...

wait, how can they fine you for something that isn't posted?

Rhonda said...

That is aggravating. You should send this to the local news channel that does the weekly "That's Messed Up!" feature. I can't recall which station it is though. They feature stuff like this!

Mary Anna said...

It's News 2, with Andy Cordan. He would eat this up.

Sarah said...

While I do think this is a ri-dic-u-lous law, I do recall reading that in one of the downtown Franklin parking garage... I'm in shock that it's enforced!!!

Hope you and the mini are well :).