Tuesday, March 04, 2008

film reviews

The movie critic is officially: IN

With my lightened load of activities post-wedding, I have enjoyed catching up on some movies I missed the first time around.

First off- Becoming Jane- rented this one, and it was quite the letdown I thought. It was Pride & Prejudice without the hot Mr Darcy. Instead I tried my hardest the entire movie to like James McAvoy. But try as I might, I just cannot cast him in the role of a convincing strong leading man. Apparently everyone else in Hollywood thinks differently since he's become quite the "it boy" of films this year, but for me, Anne Hathaway could have done so much better for herself!

Secondly- Across the Universe- a quirky film, but a must-see for any Beatles lover. The avid fab four fan will love the song references in character names, one liners, and the music incorporated throughout. It has rekindled my love for the Brit band and have added them back into my daily repertoire of itunes mixes.

Finally- I went to the theater to see No Country For Old Men. As this year's best picture winner, and one I originally intended to see anyways, it did not disappoint! Javier Bardem's best supporting actor win was warranted with his portrayal of a bleary-eyed assassin, and merited the win on his bad paige boy haircut alone! In true Coen Bros. fashion, the drama definitely had its share of dark comedy moments which balanced nicely with the suspense of the film. It's for sure one of those movies that draws you in, and leaves your mouth gaping when the credits roll!

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Anonymous said...

once again, you're so wrong. james mcavoy is way hot and did a great job in that movie. his only fault was settling for anne hathaway, who couldn't possibly be more doe-eyed if she had a fuzzy tail (which she might, we just don't know yet). i totally have to check out across the universe, but may have to stay away from the old men. we'll see. ~ari