Thursday, December 06, 2007

Pink is the new red

Like the Charlie Brown kids sing, Christmastime is here. I celebrated by getting all festive in my cubicle yesterday, much to the delight to all my coworkers. The gauntlet has been thrown. I dare them to find cuter Christmas decorations and be more festive than me (of course you will understand that this is the office alternative to the traditional trying-to-
outdo- the- Jones' with ones neighborhood Christmas lights).

I am loving that pink Christmas decorations are in abundance now- a few years ago when I was on the hunt for such things as a pink stocking, they were nowhere to be found, so Momma B sewed this little creation for me, c omplete with my name in sparkles like I requested! Now you can go to Target and buy a fushia stocking already assembled. Oh well- once again, I was ahead of my time in the fashion world.

Finally, here's my favorite pink decoration- my very own sparkley pink Christmas tree! Don't be jealous.


MamaB said...

Pink if definitely your "signature color". I remember how excited I used to get finding anything that resembled a "pink" ornament for you and now they are everywhere. And when I found that pink tree several years ago, I was beside myself!!! You need a much bigger pink tree though now to hold all of those PINK "dicorations"!!!

Anonymous said...

i think you're just a little bit sad. pink is such a depressing color.

emmysue said...

I miss your pink tree in the apt.

Jordan & Bethany said...

That is awesome. Do you have the tree at your office?

Anonymous said...

Her colors are pink and pink.

My colors are blush and bashful.

Her colors are pink and pink. It's like someone hosed down the church with Pepto-Bismol.

Nope, I have no idea why that movie quote just popped in my head. It just did. Yep, out of nowhere... really...



Mary Anna said...

I love that you see Christmas through rose-colored glasses. Love you Pinky McPinkerson.

Sarah said...

Nearly peed my pants when I zoomed in on your picture of the pink stocking and saw the captured moment of you and I pretending to be unicorns, a la SATC, at Exit/In from about a million years ago! LOVIN' IT.

Amanda said...

Eric- why do you know Steele Magnolias by heart? I'm laughing with, not at, you, I promise.

Scottie Dog- yes, that pic always makes me laugh too, which is why it's still up in the cube even though it IS a million years old!