Monday, December 03, 2007

the miracle balloon

My birthday balloon at my desk has finally begun to deflate. Unless you and I work together, you would have no idea, but I have had a balloon looming over my desk for the past month. I have never seen such a thing- but the Happy Birthday mylar balloon that was left at my desk over a month ago on November 2nd remained floating, the ribbon remained taut, for a solid month! The irony of course, is that I typically don't look forward to birthdays, and then I was given the birthday balloon that would not die, as a daily reminder! But miraculously, a month to the day later, the birthday balloon is finally dropping, and will soon go to the happy place where all balloons go to die. How did the balloon know that it is now December, and no longer warranting a birthday celebration? I'm baffled.


Anonymous said...

maybe the cleaning lady whom you made fun of popped it. she wanted to know "if these balloons is trash?"

Mary Anna said...

"the happy place where all balloons go to die"

Where is this place? The landfill? Last time I checked, mylar and/or plastic-rubber isn't biodegradable...